Our Focus

Guiding you through life’s major milestones.

Whether you’re single and setting a solid future, starting to save for your children’s college, or planning for retirement, Marshall Financial Group knows that your financial goals change as you do. For nearly a decade, we’ve been providing guidance on our clients’ investment and insurance needs … throughout every stage of life, including:

Purchasing a home

We’ll help you determine how much house you can afford, calculate a down payment, analyze how your financial goals will be impacted by homeownership, and help you make changes accordingly. From an insurance standpoint, we can help you package your homeowners insurance with your auto, umbrella, and other properties.


Establishing your goals as a couple involves multiple considerations, from determining your risk tolerance for investing with a spouse to reviewing your retirement plans, IRAs, etc. We’ll guide you every step of the way. Plus, we can work with you on life insurance and disability income insurance, as well as help you review your will and beneficiaries. We can also help you review and package together your insurance plans, including home, auto, umbrella, and health insurance.

Starting a Family

We’ll help you protect and provide for your new family in terms of college planning, retirement savings, and life insurance, and we can help you review your will and beneficiaries.

Job Transition

We’ll take away the question marks on how your new income and expenses will impact your overall financial goals. Plus, we’ll determine the best move in transitioning your retirement savings plan, whether it’s rolling it over into an IRA or moving it to your new employer’s plan.

College Planning

How much can you afford? How long will it take to save for college? The advisors at Marshall Financial Group can answer these questions plus establish savings plans according to your timeframe.


It’s never too early - or too late - to discuss goals for your retirement and what it will take to achieve those goals. Once you do retire, we will review your pensions and social security to plan your retirement income and balance your investments according to your needs and comfort level.


You can count on the team at Marshall Financial Group to help you separate assets and liabilities; change beneficiaries and review wills; and update your life insurance policy. We’ll help you review and update all of your property and casualty insurance policies (home, auto, umbrella, other properties, etc.).

Loss of Spouse

We’ll help you navigate your new financial situation through this difficult time, including current income and expenses, investments and retirement savings, and funds coming in from a life insurance policy. We’ll determine how your financial goals will be impacted based on multiple factors, including any dependent children at home. And, we’ll help you review your will and insurance policies.


Our advisors will assess the type of assets you will receive – money, home, business, life insurance, etc. – and help you with the respective considerations, such as applicable taxes, preservation of inheritance wealth, and any impact on your overall financial goals.

Charitable Giving

Look to us to help you determine what you can afford to give and how it will impact your financial goals. We will also review any associated taxes, as well as walk you through charitable trusts.

Partnering with you throughout these life-changing events, Marshall Financial combines the personal care of a small financial services group along with big firm access to the latest investment and insurance products. Of course, we realize that the most important factor in choosing a financial and insurance services advisor is trust. And we work hard to earn yours – everyday.